100% Creativity with no Copromises

Freelance Creative Artist Illustrator with a passion for sketching, painting, design, photography, lectures, readings, journalling, sewing, knitting and all things-crafty.

I have been active in the Craft Community since 1996 as Giusypatch being a quilting teacher in the year 2000. In December 2006, I entered into my very first time quilt contest, that was a Regional Quilt Contest, and proudly won the 3rd place with a contemporary quilt I named "Verità Nascoste".

In 2007 I open my first e-shop on Etsy, where I sold most of my handmade sewing related creations, purse, bags, and geek accessories.

A few years - and various sewing - later, and after the born of my beloved son, I’ve started studying knitting again developing an interest in creating patterns for knitters, followed by a passion for fabric design. I’ve started market my new identity on the blog Bubiknits dismissing Giusypatch.

In 2015 my life has changed in some way, after 15 years of life together, I got separation from my partner and father of our son, I decided to embrace a philosophy of life more real for me and fitting in all respects to my values, which are SIMPLICITY, AUTHENTICITY, FULNESS and SMILING at the LIFE. Professionally, I realized that I’m not to be categorized in just one direction, but that I am an ARTIST, and as such I want to express myself ... but always with his head on his shoulders.